Monday, September 28, 2009

Barcelona: Don't ask questions, just give into the power of the tea...

Today I treated myself to Air de Barcelona - the Arabian Baths in Born, Barcelona. I'm a massive fan of baths, and this was no exception. Air de Barcelona was probably the most beautiful baths I've ever had the pleasure of dipping into.

I'm not one for swimming at the beach or pool, but give me a hot bath/spring and I'm in like Flynn (not you Flynn). So Air de Barcelona was I real treat. I was imagining something like this:And it was pretty much exactly what I got. The baths are located in Born, right around the corner from where I am staying. The baths are underground, and there are 6 baths in total; 2 salt baths (35°C); 1 spa; 1 hot bath (40ºC) and 2 cold baths; plus an aromatherapy steam room. Obviously no cameras are allowed, but it looks like this:
But a lot darker and steamier. 24EUR gets you 90 minutes of pure heaven. And they give you tea. Strong tea. I've never tasted tea like it, but I'm going to assume it's of the Turkish variety. It reminded me of this:
And I sort of felt like this:
If you are staying in Barca, then you simple MUST go to Air de Barcelona. My skin feels like heaven. The experience is divine.

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