Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Barcelona: Viva la Karaoke Revolution

Last night I decided because I haven't been out to any clubs/bars etc here in Barca that I probably should. I was lucky enough to witness something of a Barca institution right before my very eyes. No, not Gaudi's 'art'. Not tapas munching tourists. Not even a backpacker getting pick-pocketed.

This was something even more Barca than that.

I went to Anti-Karaoke @ the Apollo.
Every Monday night comedian/burlesque performer Rachael Arieff hosts this unique karaoke night where the Apollo comes alive to the sounds of Metallica, Bon Jovi and Frank Sinatra.
The night started out innocently enough - Rachael did a few jaunty show tunes and made more costume changes than Superman. A few nervous punters got up and did their thing early, including a guy named Michael from Melbourne who belted out You Could Be Mine by Guns'n'Roses. And there was a lot of getting casual happening on stage.
As more and more alcohol was consumed, the karaoke got more hardcore. Apparently it's O.K. in Spain to free pour directly from the bottle into open mouths in the crowd. I guess they don't do R.S.A. here...
Suddenly the crowd was getting into it. There was moshing, air guitar and crowd surfing. It was sort of like Guitar Hero on crack.And at some strange point - probably via my beer goggles, the smoke machines and a bit of a squint - these soldiers of the karaoke army began to look and sound almost like real rockstars. Almost.Either way, it still didn't make me want to get up on stage and sing - but it made me remember how much I love to laugh my ass off at people who do. Bring on karaoke fun times in Tokyo motherfuckers!

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