Wednesday, September 2, 2009

London: Maybe it's OK here...

London ain't my cup of tea really. The weather likes to fuck with me - is it cold, or is it warm?

Meeting up with my boy Flynn. Gonna grab my booty of Twilights. No more lusting after my most desired kick - I officially will have 2 pairs in my hot little hands.
Met Flynn at the Dominion, right under the watchful eye of the giant Freddy Mercury. Went up to Covent Garden to the Carhartt store. Grabbed a cheeky bevvy. And another. Then Nonnies. Then Niketown. London weather turns on a show and rains on me. It's because I wore thongs. Now we're going to OXO for a drink, so I have to get changed - if for no other reason than that if I don't my feet are gonna be so cold.

Got changed and got to Embankment. Watched the skaters and BMX kids at Southbank.
Flynn got me an Oyster card. We met up with some with some peeps at OXO and drank champers as the sun set over London. OXO is a little bit swank.
We talked about shit. Literally - poo. The peeps at the table didn't want a side of shit-talk with their dinner. They asked us to move. We left and drank cocktails at another bar. Then we went back to Soho and drank more cider. I'm such a lightweight. 3 ciders and I'm under the table. The boys took me to the yummiest Thai place. We ate soup and I got it all over me. The boys pointed me towards Russell Square and I wandered home.

Flynn makes London taste better. I'm jealous he's going back to Berlin, but he's gonna have the bestest fun. See you at home sweetheart...

*Photos to be added.

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