Monday, September 14, 2009

An Open Letter to All Men

Dear Men,

What's with all the ogling? Can't you keep your eyes to yourself? Didn't your Mother teach you it's rude to stare?
Just because P Diddy ogles, doesn't mean you have to. Seriously fellas, it's really unattractive to undress someone with your eyeballs before you even try your worst pickup line. I suppose I can see the reasoning - if your line doesn't work on her, you've already imagined what she looks like under her clothes and probably what she was like to shag. So you really haven't missed out on anything.
Europe is the worst. Being a female on her own here is somewhat scary. It is not only not OK to stare, it's not OK to invite yourself into someone's personal space without their express permission. In the last 2 days I've had my hair stroked, my hands and arms grabbed, and men trying to dance up on me one too many times. And it's not like I'm wearing mini skirts and push-up bras - I'm covered up so much I may as well be wearing a hijab. I'm not exactly sending out the mating signal - so what gives?
In Europe men don't even try to hide their stares. They just do it right out in the open. I suppose at least in Australia, you men try to be a little more stealthy about your leering eyes. But I'm not sure there's a better of the two evils.
Guys - if you are going to ogle, wear sunglasses. That way, we won't notice. And if we don't notice, we won't think you're digusting perverts. Or at least, don't get caught on camera.



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