Thursday, September 3, 2009

London: Blazer, Supreme and the Cider Regime

I worked really hard last night to get this hang over, so I'm gonna enjoy it just right. This morning, I'm off to Dover Street Market. Haven't heard from INSA so kind of bummed. Probably requires some new kicks to make me feel better.
Dover Street Market is well cool. I'm in love with all the bell jars and curiosity cabinets. And what's in them. Skeletal remains of tiny birds, taxidermy and strange creatures made of bones and other found items. I'm frothing over the Comms de Garcon perfume. Downstairs in the basement that have a lot of wank - Kaws, Supreme, yadda. But they do have a pretty hot sneaker corner. And I spy the grey/gold Nike Blazer Supreme Mid TZs (yes Flynn, I know I said no more Supreme ever. I lied.But look how sexy they are). Yum yum yum. And they have my size. There is a god and he just made me like London a little more. But only a little.
Went to see 'Walking in My Mind' at Southbank. The exhibition explores the inner working of the artist's imagination through installations and sculpture.I can really relate at how difficult it is to explain how I think creatively. I wonder if this exhibition could give me some perspective on what I want to do when I get home. Burst into tears of joy whilst looking at the little cubby house with the artist's studio inside. Did it give me perspective? I'd say yes. I'm pretty inspired, and have a big idea for a new project. Almost can't wait to go home. Almost!
Met up with Q for a drink at Marketplace. He took me to the Green Man, a dedicated cider house. Heaven.
He suggested the house cider, and I quickly learnt why. Firstly, it tastes divine. A little like cloudy apple juice. Secondly, one pint and your pished as a pumpkin. And it never takes me much to get tipsy anyway. But this way, it was ridiculously yummy too. London weather turned - it's raining on my beautiful Blazers. Ate some weird potato with beans and tandoori chicken in Shepards Bush. Why am I in Shepards Bush again? Aussies and Kiwis and South Africans oh my! I can't remember much after that *insert drunken story here*. You can make up the rest.

Stayed out like the dirty stop out I am. Caught the Tube home with the morning commuters.

London suddenly doesn't seem so bad.

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