Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tymez Two Thousand & Nine

Those of you from Sydney who loved hardcore in the mid-90s would have to have lived under a rock if you didn't ever bust out your gabber dance to Chuck & Tymez II. AGU (Australian Gabbers United) certainly left their mark on my fragile little mind - especially the Fix by Blackstreet remix Tymez II used to drop on a regular basis (I still love that tune to this day). Aside from hardcore, Tymez II also was known to drop a slamming hardhouse set from time to time back in the day. Then suddenly they grew up, stopped DJing and disappeared...

Tymez II happens to be a personal fiend of mine (pun intended), and today I was super stoked to see he's taken up mixing again. I was even more stoked when I downloaded the mix and my ears were delighted by they fidgety digital goodness. He says this style of house has him excited about mixing again - and who could blame him. It's the way I've been feeling about fidget and bassline for quite sometime now. There's no better feeling than finding a new genre of music that makes your heart pound. And if he keeps mixing great sets like this, he might put a few other DJs noses right out of joint.

I can't say much more other than this is hot shit. I've been dancing around my Barcelona apartment all afternoon and the mix is going straight to my iPod.

You'd be crazy not to download it here.

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