Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Paris: A night off and some flashing lights made me like you

I guess all it takes for me to like something is some flashing lights and the right soundtrack (duh).

Just as Siriusmo 'Nights Off' came through my headphones, I happened to be standing right under the Eiffel Tower and the lights started flashing. And I love flashing lights.
I think it was such a breathe taking moment, my heart literally skipped a beat and the aural sensation was as similar as I get to the way I used to feel back in my rave days. Of course, that made me want to go up the Tower.
They say that happiness is the journey, not the destination. And a trip up the Tower proves it (that is: I liked the trip up to the top better than the view)!
This is my 3rd time visiting the Tower, but first time at night. It was a bit foggy. But the Tower itself is absolutely genius. An engineering masterpiece, even for today. It's just beautiful.

I think I finally like Paris.

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