Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Paris: Today was brought to you by the letter G

G is for Graffiti.
Né dans la rue - Graffiti (or Born in the Streets) is the graffiti exhibition currently on show at Fondation Cartier. After the Thalys train painting, I found my way to Raspail Metro station where Fondation Cartier is located.
Outside Fondation Cartier are a bunch of legal walls. The best part was that as I got closer, I discovered people were actually painting them today!
I met Fon & Steve, a pair of writers from Leeds in the UK (thankfully I overheard an English accent). Fon was painting a gorgeous octopus.
A few other people started painting outside too (it was a pretty nice day outside). It seems obvious, but I never knew the weather was such a hassle for writers in countries where the weather isn't as nice as we have in Sydney. We're pretty lucky we can paint all year round!
There was no photography inside the exhibition - but I took a few photos anyway...
The exhibition was mostly about the history of graf in New York. There were loads of graffiti artifacts, like this Lee & Lady Pink denim jacket. So dope!
And this original trackside getup... still works a treat to this day.
But probably my favourite item, aside from all the old Krylon cans, was this 1984 Iz the Whiz blackbook. Holy shit yo!
There was an underground tunnel in the exhibition that lead to the toilets. The tunnel had been bombed to the shit (and you aren't allowed to - as if!). Everyone had their pens out even though the cleaning ladies were yelling at everyone to stop. It just wouldn't have been right to leave without putting us up...
So I borrowed a Masto pink Molotow off some dude.


  1. yeah fuck yeah! that 3d black book was my FAVOURITE. so shit hot.

  2. I got in trouble for taking photos. A little French man was running around after me saying 'Non, non, non!' Was hells funny!