Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm pretty sure I need these

Blazers are the new Dunks. How did I not like Blazers before? The joke is on me because now I am completely obsessed by Blazers and slightly pissed off I've only seen one pair in the whole of Copenhagen (and there are a million sneaker shops).

These are the Nike Womens Blazer Hi in Grand Purple/Plum Granite-Red Plum-Baltic colourway and are available from Extra Butter in NY.

Now if I play by my own rules (I'm only allowed to buy kicks or art if I see the item prior to purchase or meet the artist in person) I can't buy these online. So there is only one way I can have these, and that's by seeing them in the flesh and purchasing them. Which means a trip to NY. Unless they already have them at No Boys Allowed, which I'll be visiting in 2 days time. But I don't think they do. Or in Barcelona. Or Tokyo. Eek.

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