Friday, September 25, 2009

Barcelona: GAH! I'm shopping in my mind...

Arrived in Barca late last night and received a wonderful welcome from my hosts Ron and Tadaaki. The apartment is amazing and I'll post some photos in the next few days - yes, I have wifi!

Discovered this morning my apartment is located right above 24 Kilates. And they happen to have a pair of sneaks I mentioned in a post earlier this month about Liberty in London. Yes that's right - 24 Kilates have the very limited edition orange Liberty Blazers. Yes I am dying right now.
And then I found Limited Editions around the corner. Sneaks range was a bit blah, but they have the very limited edition Alife wayfarers. Gah! Oh how I need the purple ones. But oh how my bank account balance aches...I'm not sure I can leave Barca without these items...

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  1. whoo! i had these liberties and was wetting myself with excitement until they arrived and i opened the box (because that is how we buy cool stuff in Tas) to find they weren't white and awesome but yellowy-cream and Not My Colour. as cute and cool as they were, i just can't do cream coloured steez. especially since it's a darker shade than my own moon tan. they've gone to a good home. :( argh now i'm all bummed out thinking about it.