Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You read my mind: Ginger Fever

The Boobs have outdone themselves once again.

Never afraid to say what everyone else is thinking, this time round they've got a fever for some ginger luvin'. And I couldn't agree more. I've complied these photos almost all* my favourite daywalkers, in tribute to Ginger Fever.
James Spader
Spader is one smokin' hot ginger. From Pretty in Pink and Sex, Lies and Videotape to Secretary and Boston Legal, he is a very, very saucy firecrotch.

Axl Rose
No one can deny the charisma this man exudes. He was so hot I can't even remember noticing he was a ginger. But he's about as red as it gets. Maybe it was his badboy attitude, tattoos and clingy lyric bike shorts. Or maybe it was his long auburn locks.

Cyclops AKA Scott Summers
This is a special entry for Leticia. God knows she loves a ginger, and I think the answer to that riddle is right here - her obsession with Scott Summers. Never being able to look into his dreamy eyes because he'd burn your head off with his laser stare might be a slight obstacle though.

Johnny Rotten
Ok so he's not that hot. But he had spunk for a bloodnut. And he was the lead singer in the world's hottest punk band. Isn't that what a ginger's dreams are made of?

Josh Homme
Member of Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal, Josh is flaming hot. If you've ever seen him perform live, you'll understand why. And if you've seen him sing live, you'll understand even more. It gives me goose bumps just thinking of hearing him sing Go With the Flow live (the fact the song has my favourite lyric of any song ever could be a factor... "I want to something good to die for, to make it beautiful to live". Hot rock ginger.

David Wenham
I had a crush on Wenham long before he joined the middle earth festival circuit and got all famous. He once starred as an institutionalised pyro with an intense dislike for cats in an Australian comedy called Cosi. It was at that point I knew I was hooked. There's nothing hotter than a psycho bloodnut. What a great segway into my next flamer...

Dexter Morgan (aka Michael C Hall)
It's almost hard to believe that they're now making season 4 of a show about a serial killer with a conscience. It's a great show, but the real reason Dexter is so popular is because of Dexter and his red mop. I went to a Popcorn Taxi a while back where Hall did a live Q&A (before Dexter was aired on TV in Australia) and he was even hotter in the flesh (if also quite full of himself). Thank god for red crazies.

Eric Stolz
From crazies to drug dealers. Maybe it's because we as a society simply can not believe that bloodnuts can be naughty that we love it when they are. And Stolz killed it as a heroin dealer in Pulp Fiction. Of course he's been in other movies, but we only remember him for one, right?

He's the epitomy of a litle-bit-nerdy, a little-bit-too-cool-for-school. And he's got quite a head of strawberry locks. Sometimes I think he tries to pretend he's not a ginger. But we all know the truth (so why hide it? embrace).

Seth Green
He's come a long way from the awkward 14 year old redhead in Pump Up the Volume. He's made the most of awkward, and turned it into funny a la Robot Chicken. That shit be finger lickin' good yo!

What do you get when you cross hip hop with a moody red nutter from NYC? El-P is pretty much the answer. He's weird and sweaty on stage and lyrically he's a bit of a nut job - but he has a certain je ne sais quoi. I think it's those mysterious red locks.

Prince Harry
The Dirty Prince. Whilst you're never going to request a paternity test if you're the second in line to the throne of England, I think we all know where you got your red hair from Harry - and it wasn't your Mum.

Bradley Cooper
He hasn't starred in anything amazing, but he was on Nip/Tuck for a while and a bunch of other bit parts in TV shows. I think he's more famous for who he dates than acting. Let's hope they give this redheaded hottie more leading roles soon eh?

Rupert Grint
Arguably the most magical of all gingers, this young man has been making girls allover the world swoon since before he hit purberty. I'm sure we'd all like to know exactly what tricks he can do with his magic wand (Is that legal? Oh wait, he was born in 88. Perfectly fine).

Sam Worthington
Perhaps the hottest of the young Aussie up-and-comers in Hollywood, Sam puts the red in rediculously hot.

Shaun White
And last but not least... Shaun White. This dude is awesomely talented. I was snowboarding at Snow Park in New Zealand a few years back on a day he was shooting a video there, and it was insane then - and I don't think he was even 18 then. Shaun gives hope to all gingers that yes, you can be better than boring blondes and brunettes at anything; and yes, you will end up teaching Playboy bunnies how to snowboard while Hef watches on.

Apparently redheads make up just 2% of the population (according to statistics provided by The Boobs)... so if the fever catches on, existing ginger lovers are going to be screwed.

*Other favourite gingers have been omitted to protect their identities and my reputation.

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