Thursday, September 17, 2009

I joined the force

Not that kind of cop.
This kind of C.O.P. - Crimes of Passion. Originally an all-girl graf mag, now Edla and Ivey and the whole C.O.P. crew are on a mission to expand and spread the word of female awesomeness. And they asked me to contribute some of my blah blah blahs.

Shit girls - what have you gotten yourselves into? Heheh jokes. I'm mad stoked!

And to celebrate, click here to check out my post about my girl Bridge and her Graf on Graffers projecto yo!


  1. ah, i wondered if we were gonna have problems with this... first of all it's C.O.P.... mark the dots... second of all it's Edla not Elda (don't worry eeeeeverbody does it) and third of all that's the second amazoid shot of my kicks awesomeness that has made it onto another blog. high five!!! stoked to have you!!!!

  2. ps not your fault - that old desktop wallpaper is from the old blog header when ivey couldn't add the dots because she tripped over a potplant and smashed her laptop and we spent a whole week in convulsions because it had all the files on it.... annnnyyyway....

  3. hahaha best comments ever. i'm the most lysdexic blogger you'll ever meet. fixed it all haha tripped over a pot plant that's freaking golden

  4. The funny thing about the potplant story is that it's true. A reminder to people out there about carrying laptops in suburban backyards with unpredictable potplants on the loose, It can lead to loss and devastation. Also Edla is pretty full on about her don't ever ever leave one off...ever! U've been warned! Props on your awesome post...Can't wait 4 more!

  5. Nawww <3 I'm feeling mad love dot dot dot :)