Monday, September 14, 2009

Paris: That's not all folks...

So you thought I'd just run around Paris all day looking at sneakers, did you? Wrong. I actually did a bunch of other awesome stuff. A walking adventure...

I discovered another huge Space Invader piece on the side of a building.
I ate lunch at Les Halles and tormented the big black crows with my food.
I realised my 90s matched my Cherry Coke.
I visited the Center de Pompidou. It's designed like a giant ant farm.
I discovered that Parisian hospitality is awesome - at the Center de Pompidou, they give you olives and almonds with your beer. Free!
I looked at the art. My favourites in the collection were by Duchamp, Manray and Diane Arbus. I took in the view over Paris from the restaurant at the top of the Center de Pompidou.
I decided I almost like the exterior of the Center de Pompidou more than the art inside...
I noticed there's not much graf at street level in Paris (hence the lack of photos).
I learnt you need to look up to find graf in Paris...
I walked past Notredame (I've been inside before).
I browsed French books at street stalls by the canal.
I walked over Paris' oldest bridge, Pont Neuf, as the sun set. My favourite French film is Les amants du Pont-Neuf (starring Juliette Binoche) and if you've seen it, you'll understand my attachment to this bridge. I'm such a hopeless romantic!
I caught the Metro home.

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