Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Hague: No Boys Allowed

The main reason I came to stay in the Hague was to visit No Boys Allowed, the only sneaker store in the world right now that stocks women's kicks exclusively. The store is really cute inside and out!
This cool lowrider was parked out front. I think it should be the official No Boys Allowed bike! Imagine cruising around on that thing!I met No Boys Allowed founder and owner Kim. Kim was super nice, and didn't mind me hanging out for a bit to chat and try on a few pairs of kicks.
No Boys Allowed has a pet - his name is Noodles. He's a very cute Sony robot dog. I've never played with one before and he was super cool. He makes cute noises and it made me miss my doggies :(Kim designed the interior of the store herself using a combination of old furniture and new wooden boxes that a carpenter customised for the displays. I'm a huge fan of re-purposed furniture, and the way Kim has put together the displays is awesome. The colours are really bright and fun, but don't take anything away from the shoes whcih is really important. She also serves cookies :)
The store stocks brands like Nike, Vans, Asics, Adidas, Reebok and L.A. Gear to name a few. The L.A. Gears are Europe only, meaning that you can't get these colourways anywhere outside of Europe and you can't get them via mail order either (which of course meant I wanted a pair!).I tried on a few pairs, but I ended up choosing a pair of white/black/pink L.A. Gears and the new White/Purple/Yellow Nike Structure colourway. I am such a sucker for Structures!
I also finally copped a pair of Nike/Kevin Lyons Currents today from Concrete here in the Hague today too! So that meant I had a total of 5 pairs I needed to send home. Kim was nice enough to help me pack all of them to post. And she also gave me some awesome No Boys Allowed goodies, including stickers, limited edition bags and a t-shirt! So rad!
Here's my No Boys Allowed parcel. I can't wait to get home to open it!
It was so fun to finally get to visit a store I admire so much. I think Kim really follows her heart with No Boys Allowed - and I'm all about doing the things you love. The store is awesome and I'd defs reccommend if you're female, into kicks and in the Netherlands - you have to visit.

But if you're a boy... you're not allowed!

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