Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Copenhagen: Pedal Power

This is Hotel Fox. Such a cool hotel. I wish I won lotto so I could make a cool design hotel in Sydney. That would be so rad. Oh well, for now I have to come all the way to Copenhagen to stay in one...
This is one of the lifts at Hotel Fox. Take note of the awesome addition (lower right hand side). Go Well Dressed Vandals yo!
I hired a bike to ride around Copenhagen. I love flat cities. You can ride around them so easy. It's so rad. I think I almost like Copenhagen more than Berlin. It's a lot smaller, people seem to have a lot more cash to splash around and there are design shops everywhere. It's mad expensive, but design goods are so much cheaper than at home. It's so out of whack - a Coke costs $5 AUD, but you can buy the most awesome design goods for half what you'd pay at stores like Orsen & Blake. But then you have to get them back to Australia somehow, and freight is mad exy.
I found an Ironlak production near Tivoli park. It's a Copenhagen theme including a Little Mermaid character. It was painted in June this year by our very own Sirum (Melbourne), along with Does, Storm and Chas. It's in incredibly good shape for being painted in June - absolutely no tags or anything!
I spied these amazing tea cup lamps in the window of a shop somewhere in Copenhagen. Maddest idea!Then I went to see the Little Mermaid. You can read the short story by Hans Christian Andersen here.

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