Thursday, September 10, 2009

Copenhagen: I'm feeling a bit sick...

I have the worst headache & temperature. Lucky I have a nice room to relax in. But it's quite a hot day today and my room is steaming... ah well I might sweat out my illness - because I think I'm getting the flu. I went out long enough to get a shot of this Neck Face across the road:
And then I went to Tivoli Park where I had dinner on a pirate ship. I had ribs. Om nom nom.Tivoli Park is pretty cool - it's a fun park with about 30 restaurants and all kinds of entertainment. I watched a cute ballet while I was there.
But mostly I just chilled in my tent.
And tomorrow I have to leave Copenhagen for Amsterdam... 15 hours with the flu in a 2nd class seat on a sleeper train. Yes, a 2nd class SEAT on a sleeper train. I'm so not sleeping in one of those dumb sleeper bunks ever again. And this train doesn't have 1st class. Gah.

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