Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ibiza: 5 days in 1 post

Flew from Barcelona to Ibiza.
Arrived in Ibiza about 11pm on Saturday night. Caught a cab straight to the villa where Ki Ki, Glenn, Erin and Sarah had arrived earlier in that day. The villa was deluxe. Didnt go out, weekends in Ibiza are dead. Got tipsy. Laughed a lot. Slept.

Got up and we all headed to Ibizatown for lunch. Got a bit lost. Found a pipi can (ie dog toilet). Found our way again. Looked at bad souvenirs. Found some tourist bars selling 'disco tickets'. Stopped to eat lunch at a British bar along the way. Baked potato, sangria and apple crumble. It started to pour rain. Laughed a lot more. Rain stopped. Headed to Ibizatown. Stopped for Magners travellers. Met 2 germans who gave us a good deal on party tickets. Wandered along the beach. Found a Chi Chi toy. Eventually ate paella for dinner at Marcos as the sun set. Made the long trek back to the villa.

Our first party day - drinks at a private party followed by Cocoon @ Amnesia. Weather is shite. Rain, sun, rain, sun. Spent the day mulling over what to wear and watching the others laze by the pool despite the rain. Started drinking about 11.30am. But the time we were ready to go to the party, we were all boozy. Drank a zillion vodka oranges at the private party. Laughed constantly. Glenn will forever on be known as Sexy Grimace. Got cute photo keyring souvenirs. The bus arrived to take us to Amnesia. Bus was full of loose units. Club was nuts. So big, so tacky, but so awesome. Ritchie Hawtin was playing in the main room. Banging techno for everyone! Funktion One system was rocking. Dancers came out and blew my mind. Midgets, models, abs and flashinf knickers. The place was packed. Went into the 2nd room and took in the spectacle that is Amnesia. There was a lot of spew around the place. Discovered the amazing oxygen jets that blast the whole room. Before we knew it, it was 6am and we caught a broke-down coach back home. Bedtime.

Woke up just in time for Jimmy to arrive. Chatted and laughed. We laugh a lot. Got ready to go to Carl Cox and Danny Tenaglia @ Space. Drank sangrias for a bit while the lines were too long. Got tickets and got straight in. Carl Cox owned the main room. Danced right up the front. Jimmy ate my scissors. Danced up front for Tenaglia. The dancers were crap. The crowd was loose. Too many poms in bad clothes. Bought a Space fan. Rocked out on the terrace. Piked early (4am).

Got up late and went for tapas in Sant Jordi. Was in a grumpy mood. Tonight we hit Meganite @ Privilege - the world's biggest club. Kicked back for the day. Jimmy made us a yummy dinner of ribs and rabbit pasta. Caught cabs to privilege. Went in. Was a bit disappointed because half the venue was closed. But the dj booth over the pool is impressive. The tunes weren't bad. The crowd was the hang over of the last two nights. The dancers were fulgy and old. A guy was making love to a speaker. We danced and be'd silly. Piked early. Went to bed.

Chilled at the villa, and flew back to Barcelona last night.

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