Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Paris: Né dans la rue

Né dans la rue - Graffiti
Fondation Cartier pour l'art Contemporain

"The exhibition traces the origins of the graffiti movement while offering a panorama of the diversity of contemporary writing. It provides the public with the opportunity to rediscover an art both ubiquitous and continually evolving, and thus relate to the city in a new way."

Today, as part of the Né dans la rue - Graffiti exhibition, JONONE (NYC/USA, now resides in Paris/France), SEAK (Cologne/Germany), SOZY (BXL), and ZEDZ (Amsterdam/The Netherlands) will be painting the new Thalys highspeed train at Gare de Nord station in Paris at 12.15pm. It just so happens that I'm staying right next to Gare de Nord.

Guess where I'll be at 12.15pm? Plus I'm gonna hit the exhibition too. Fondation Cartier is open Tue-Sun until midnight. It's a bit of a trek though. But it'll be worth it if there are some of JONONE's latest work, like these:
I love tags. And I'd really like an original JONONE.

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