Saturday, September 5, 2009

London: Fabric

Fabric is an interesting club. A burrowing, cavernous nest. Apparently it was originally used as cold store rooms. It'd be great if there was a war - everyone could hide underground in Fabric, and there'd be a slamming sound system to keep the punters entertained. Actually that's exactly what it's like - a bunker. There's lots of stairs and rooms and I imagine that people literally get lost in there. You could hide at the end of the night and no one would find you.
But it wasn't breathe taking like Berghain or Womb.

You never get an overall idea of how big Fabric really is - aside from the 3D maps of the venue hung around the place. I suppose that's why Womb was so stunning - that huge main room and the giant mirrorball are so overwhelming - much the same as walking into the main room of Berghain. I'm beginning to the think that my personal preference in club design generally requires a stunningly large main room/sound system, lots of concrete, steel and glass with beautifully designed lounge areas that either clinical and minimal or lavish and over the top using fabulous fabrics and furnishings. Glebe silos meets Ivy.

Fabric's interior is quite dated - I wonder how many years since renovation? Maybe it's all the brickwork? There were some nice black glass benches built into walls with giant vases of flowers on top that looked quite nice, and I suppose the unisex toilets must have been quite a discussion point in their day. But the metal tubing for bannisters etc was quite dated. The Banksy by the toilets seemed so out of place in it's ornate frame by the toilet door. I don't think I saw any other artwork in there, aside from the 3D artwork of the club. It's almost like it was renovated a few years back and since then it's had bits and pieces added here and there - but nothing really matches. It could use an interior overhaul.

I'd definitely rate Fabric well behind Berghain and Womb... but I'd slot it somewhere around Tresor or even Home in Sydney. I even think SE1 under London Bridge is a more breathe taking space. Maybe if it'd been a packed drum'n'bass or techno night, I'd have rated it higher. I was disappointed that despite being drum'n'bass Friday, they had an indie/electro night on. The crowd seemed up for it, but me being me, electro isn't my thing. I do think if it was dirty drum'n'bass that was being spun it'd have been sick. Although - had it been filled to capacity, it probably would have been a real shit to move around - 1,500 rats running around a nest would be quite a sight.

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