Monday, September 7, 2009

London to Copenhagen

Last night I spent train hoping through Europe. I was in 5 countries in one 24 hour period: UK, France, Belgium, Germany and Denmark.

Caught first class for most of it, which is super dope. They have free internet, free food and free booze for first class passengers. So sweet.

But then had the unfortunate experience of traveling second class for the sleeper cabin from Koeln to Copenhagen. The bunks are 6 to a cabin and feel like sleeping on ironing boards. I think I slept with one eye open all night cos there were 3 men sleeping in the cabin, and I didn't know if they were going to rob me or rape me. Especially the one without a ticket. And I don't think that was a particularly dodgy sleeper train - I think I'm going to be scared shitless on the sleeper from Paris to Barcelona... eek.

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