Saturday, August 22, 2009

Berlin: The Cop

Somehow today I managed to get to all the shops I really wanted to, and buy myself a few choice items that has my Deutsche shopping desires sorted. To achieve this, I covered about half of Berlin, but thankfully, the shops I wanted to visit were along pretty much one U-Bahn line, which made life easy.

And from the U-Bahn, I saw a few Poet throw ups. I was pretty stoked!

First I headed to Solebox, where I nabbed a pair of the brand spanking new Adidas x Jeremy Scott rainbow sequined high tops. So shiny. They also had a pair of Puma x Solebox exculsives that were kick ass, but they didn't make them in sizes smaller than a mens US9. And there was the new David Beckham ZX8000s, but they were a little too... yellow.

While I was over that way, I visited Niketown, Adidas and Puma... but I figured that when in Rome - or Berlin as it may be - do what the locals do, and buy Adidas. I just can't bring myself to buy Nikes here (even though I saw quite a few pairs I'd never seen before, including the very first pair of Twilights I've actually held in my hands!).

Then I hit Overkill, and got myself an Overkill tee. The guys there were nice enough to help show me where I could find four Graffiti Halls of Fames in Berlin. So hunting those might be my plan for tomorrow.

Then, I treked to Kickback, which had an awesome pair of pink and grey Twilights. They didn't have my size. So I admired the grey STs for a moment, even trying them on. But I couldn't bring myself to buy Nikes.

Then it was off to Downstairs and Yard 5. Downstairs was pretty shite and ironically it's not even down any stairs. Considering the two stores are located directly across the road from each other and Yard 5 is so frigging awesome, I don't understand how Downstairs stays open. Anyway. I was super stoked because Yard 5 not only had Kweens Destroy tees, they also had Poet's I Love Tags tees. So I got one of each. I love Poet. I also got a present for DBOE, as promised (you'll have to wait for your package to arrive to see what it is Mr!). I also bought a COPE2 canvas. It's quite small, but it's really cute and only cost 10 euros. Bargain I reckon.

Quite a nice little haul I think. And I feel satisfied I don't need to buy anything more here in Berlin... for now ;)

PS: I have made an amazing map I will be scanning and putting up when I get home as part of a guide to sneaker/graf shops in Berlin (once I'm home). Stay tuned!

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