Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bristol: Chi Chi Vs Banksy Vs Bristol Museum

Easyjet is quite a new flying experience for me. It's more ghetto than Virgin Blue. Easyjet herd people like cats onto the plane. Can't say the story I heard last night about this chick from Newtown getting DVT on her way over hasn't scared the shit out of me. Arrived in Bristol and it's fucking cold as. My hotel is cute and retardedly cheap. Blisters are killing me, but I'm pushing on. It's late, but I'm looking for food. Found a spot to have a curry. Now I remember why poms mostly repulse me. Trying to enjoy my thali, and an entire football team and their WAGs are yahooing inside the restaurant like they're on the football field. The manager gave me a discount because of the disruption. WIN! Still exy though. Time for bed...

6am wake up call. 7am to the Banksy exhibition. Walked from the hotel to the Bristol Museum, and thought I'd be nice and early because the lines have been hectic. I was mistaken - there was already a massive queue.
Shouldn't be surprised - it's a Bank(sy) Holiday here tomorrow and it's the last 2 days of the show. Of course it's gonna be busy. Sat in line for 3 hours.
Got to the front of the queue about 10.30am. The exhibition is free. WIN!
The show has elements of an exhibition - one room houses a bunch of Banksy's most famous work. Canvases, prints and a couple of installations. The stuff I expected to see. Another hall is filled with cages that house various 'animals', kind of like a Banksy zoo. The rest of the exhibition is scattered or rather hidden amongst the Museum's permanent collection. For example, they have a lot of plates and china, and hidden amongst one of the displays was a bong. I laughed out loud.
Overall I think it was well worth making the effort to go and see, but I think peeps are gonna have to stop calling him a graffiti artist, because his work has gone way beyond graffiti.
I was gas bagging to someone the other day that he's become bigger than Damien Hirst, which is quite ironic considering there's a Hirst piece in the exhibition which Banksy uses to takes the piss out of Hirst.
Undeniably, his artwork is simple enough to speak to people of all walks of life, on so many levels. Whether it makes you laugh or makes you think - perhaps Banksy has become the most prolific artist of our generation.

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