Monday, August 24, 2009

Top 10 Clubs in the World 2009

Going to Berghain last got me thinking about the best clubs in the world (plus I can't think of one in Sydney I'd bother to include). Here is the DJ Mag Top 10 clubs for 2009 (in order):

1. Berghain (Berlin, Germany)
2. Fabric (London, UK)
3. Space (Ibiza, Spain)
4. Womb (Tokyo, Japan)
5. Amnesia (Ibiza, Spain)
6. Ministry of Sound (London, UK)
7. Pacha (Ibiza, Spain)
8. Watergate (Berlin, Germany)
9. D-Edge (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
10. The End (London, UK)

So far this year, I've been to 2 of the top 10 clubs in the world. Berghain, and Womb. I'm still in Berlin, and I have every intention of heading to Watergate while I'm here. I'm heading to Fabric next week and potentially I could drop by Ministry of Sound while I'm there. In just under a month I'll be in Ibiza - so I'm determined to visit Space, Amnesia and Pacha whilst I'm there. The only 2 clubs on the list I can't go to are D-Edge in Brazil (I'm not heading to Brazil any time soon) and the End, because it's closed down. With a bit of luck, I might be able to hit all the rest...

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