Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Berlin: Push them pedals

Best idea ever - borrow Christine's extra pushie. Here she is (the Bike, not Christine), parked at the Berlin Wall. I like to call the bike MacGuyver. Note the Masto/Chi Chi/Dboe 2009 in red to the left hand side of the photo. Yes, I put us up on the Berlin Wall. But the Molotow I took with me was pretty useless on the degraded, crumbly concrete. Ah well, I tried my best.Then I rode to Yard 5 to get Dave an I Love Tags t-shirt by Poet. But they didn't have any in a suitable size (XL or XXL on old skinny legs would have been a hardcore ghetto gown, and that just wouldn't fly). So I got him an equally cool, distinctly Berlin graf t-shirt. And something else. But it's a surprise. I asked after Poet again. The guy at Yard 5 took my email address and said he'd give it to Poet to contact me. Sensory overload!

Trying to ride a pushy that's too big for you whilst carrying bags and shit is really hard. I have trouble carrying plastic bags on my handlebars at the best of times. So before I left Yard 5 with more bags full of goodies, I made a mercy dash to the bike shop across the road to get Christine a little thank you pressie I know she wants (well, I hope she wants!). I made a slight modification to MacGuyver that proved extremely useful. A basket for the back, with a super cool occy strap to boot. I put all my shit in it - and holy shit, does a basket make a difference to the enjoyment of riding around Berlin! Although I do think I might look a bit like Elmira Gulch (aka the Wicked Witch of the West):
Headed into central Berlin. Made my way to Modell Bauhaus. Spent my last Euros on entry. Couldn't take photos inside so I stole these for your viewing pleasure. My favourites were Joesef Albers work and the beautiful colour wheels. The Bauhaus furniture displays were fantastic.Rode to Kottbusser Tor. Got some cash. Decided to try a new burger joint called Ketchup & Mayo. Got a Krautburger (ie hamburger with Sauerkraut) and chips with you guessed it - ketchup& mayo. That's a tasty burger. Serving was way too big. Couldn't eat it all. Here's what's left...
Rode home. Need to catch some ZZZs before Tresor tonight. Got an email from Poet.

I love Berlin.

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