Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Impressions

Arrived at Frankfurt, 6am. Clear skies and already warm. Caught the train to Frankfurt main, so many tracksides and painted metal along the way my jaw dropped. Got to Frankfurt main. Got an ICE ticket to Prague. Have to change at Nurenburg for a bus to Prague. Sucks to be me. Now an hour wait for my train. Frankfurt smells like cigarettes and pastries. Ate a salami sandwich and drank a coke while I waited. Sat next to a bunch of Germans who'd obviously been out the night before - they stank like booze and they're eyes were bugging. Tried to phone Farry, but I can't work out the country codes. I'll try once I'm over the Czech border. Fingers crossed the productive telephone of glorious nation of Czech Republic works with iPhone. A lady bum asked me for money in German, I didn't understand. My train arrived. Didn't know where which seat I was meant to sit in. Some German dudes offered me a beer. I found my seat in First Class. There's a German girl sitting near me and her lipstick is too pink for her complexion. There's so much graf out the windows I can't keep up. Tried to take photos but big black's battery died. Mental note to self - always charge the battery before you leave. Just saw the most amazing graf painted on glass green houses in the middle of these huge urban gardens. Damn you camera. German architecture is so cute, a weird combination of folksy communism. First class rules. Fields, graf, forest, cottages. Repeat.

Arrived at Nuremburg, with seconds to spare to find my bus to Prague. Zillions of families and children seem to be flooding Nuremburg Station, I think there was some kind of kids festival on. Comrade Farry better love my ass and show me where to get 7kr booze tonight. 3 and a bit hours on a bus in scorching German summer heat and I'm gonna need a drink. Damn I wish I'd had the good sense to get some shorts out of my suitcase. The bus driver is funny. Can't speak a word of English, but could understand my clandestine hand gestures. What a beautiful day. Shame I've spent it on planes, trains and buses. At least I got to watch The Wackness. Ben Kingsley is a god. Mixtapes and teen looseness. 1994 was a good year.

I just noticed we're driving on the wrong side of the road. Now that's wack. They have power points on the bus. But of course silly me packed my European converter in my suitcase. And now my iPhone and lappy are running out of batteries. Peace out.

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