Saturday, August 22, 2009

Berlin nights

This week I plan to hit a couple of the best clubs in Berlin. Unfortunately Wed, Fri, Sat are the big nights, so I only have tonight, which is Saturday, and next Wednesday before I go (and Rusko on Friday of course). So I'm choosing my locations carefully.

Tonight I'm going to try my luck at arguably Berlin's best club - Berghain. It's a pretty unique club inside some kind of old factory. I've been told to check out Panorama Bar in there too. I have absolutely no idea about the DJs who are playing, but Mookie tells me I should go just for Len Faki. German techno ja. As Mookie described - spatial, dark and a hard basline. Sadly you can't take photos in there, so these are going to have to do.
I'm a little sad that Berghain resident DJ Ben Klock won't be DJing tonight. He is probably the most handsome DJ I've ever seen. You be the judge.
Right across the road from my hotel is legendary Berlin techno club Tresor. Tresor is also in a factory, and is perhaps a little less polished than Berghain, but stunning none the less. The place reminds me so much of the Glebe Silos it's ridiculous.

Next Wednesday Joey Beltram (NYC techno legend) is playing the Tresor room. Considering it's right across the road and it's Beltram - how can I not go?
Then of course, Friday night I'll be going back to Icon to see one of my most favourite DJs, Rusko. After checking out the digs last night, I think Rusko is going to go down a treat in there. It's going to be a very inimate crowd, much like when Ki Ki and I saw him play at Phoenix. I seriously can not wait to hear what he plays. Will it be new stuff, or new stuff and old stuff? How different will it be to when I saw him earlier this year? He's gotta drop My Mouth or Oh My Gosh, but I hope he drops stuff like Kissed a Girl and Cockney Thug cos it just wouldn't be Rusko without them... Either way ze Germans better down for a hectic night of dubstep!
Then it's off to Ol' Blighty for another week of mayhem...

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