Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Post Mortem

I left out some spectacular details from my last post. Here's a quick recap.

Faith No More were amazing. No doubt I'll be seeing them again in February in Australia. If you are a fan, you really have to see them. They did look a bit bored at points during the show and Patton didn't have his usual physical energy (he seemed to have a limp - maybe he was injured?) but they were tight and Patton's voice was a dream. Such a treat to see.

And I got an amazing SIGNED tour poster. Yes signed. It's a special Prague screen printed poster, signed by all the members of FNM (you can see it's really signed because the ink of the signatures has gone through to the back of the poster). Except I had to carry it around all night, so it got a bit creased. Oh well, it makes it more memorable!

When we left Tesla Arena after FNM, there were people everywhere, and we were heading towards Cross nightclub. I was busting to go to the toilet, so Renata told me she had a 'secret spot' nearby that we could go to. She leads me towards these trees and behind them is a very steep little hill. She points up the hill and she says 'up there'. She starts scurrying up, so I follow. At this point you need to remember even though the little hill was only about 10m to the top it was a very steep and dirty; it was raining, there were people everywhere and Nick had been buying us Mojitos. I managed to miraculously get to the top somehow. It wasn't until after I did my business up there that I realised I had to get back down somehow. Renata is quite the little monkey, and she was down the hill in a flash. She's saying to me 'put your foot here, and here, here's a rock', but I couldn't see two steps in front of me. I knew it was either going to end badly, or I could slide down on my ass. I chose the latter. Thank god Renata and Nick were at the bottom of the hill to break the force of my momentum - I crashed straight into them. Laughing ensued.

Then we hit Cross. I've never seen a nightclub quite like it. It's like a rabbit warren - different rooms everywhere. It's sort of decorated H.R. Geiger style - very industrial and alien. They used industrial waste to create the interior decor, so you had things like entire walls covered in old motherboards and computer innards, lighting rigs made of car windscreen wipers or old bus seats for chairs. They had a jungle/drum'n'bass room and a hard techno room, as well as several bars and lounges. Lots of party d'n'b, very fun.

As we drank more beer, the night got progressively funnier. At one point we were sitting outside, and these two Czech girls wanted to talk to us because we were English. One of them told Renata in Czech she wanted to learn English, and she kept trying to talk to Nick and I. She was very enthusiastic, even though she could only speak a little English. At one point there were about 7 of us sitting at the table and everyone seemed to be talking different languages - literally. I was becoming very confused and decided it might be time to call it a night. We stumbled out to the car park, where red Molotow came out to play. I jumped in a cab and came home. Nick said watching me get into the cab reminded him of the movie Hostel. Hostel was shot in Prague *shudder*.

It really was a great night - fantastic company, amazing music and lots of laughs. What a great second day of holiday!

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