Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Obsession: Black Bedrooms & Beds

Since discovering Rosson Crow's beautiful painting for Kaws, I've been pretty obsessed by the idea of a black bedroom (pretty dumb considering I wont have a bedroom in less than a week). My current bedroom is painted dark grey, and I absolutely love dark bedrooms - much more condusive to sleeping.

I love the contrasting muted primary colours she used - it's almost like those items are aged to suit the 70s theme. Even the graf canvas seems muted. Super nice detail. Personally if I was going to put together a black room, I'd probably load up black on black on black, with true primary colours as features.
I love the black Chesterfield bedhead used in the room above. It creates texture and tone over the black wall. I would love the above room a lot more if it had black carpet and a zebra hide rug.
The room above features an ornate black framed mirror above the bed, which reminds me of the Burke & Hazeldon bed below.
But the Burke & Hazeldon bed would add a whole lot more fun to a bedroom (look closely at the print on the bed head and footer). Burke & Hazeldon are so awesome.

Maybe one day I'll have a new bedroom to paint black... *sigh*

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