Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Berlin: A good reason to get a flu shot

Feeling like shit. Can't still be hung over - must have the flu. Aching from head to toe. It's a blue-sky day out and I can't waste my time in Berlin. Must. Get. Motivated. But it's only 7am. Nap for an hour or two. Do some much needed washing. Organise to post some things home. Post here is expensive. Despite feeling like shite, decided to find the Graffiti Halls of Fame the guys at Overkill recommended. Went to Mauerpark first. What a let down. The wall was in such bad shape - peeling and broken. I wouldn't exactly call many of stuff up there pieces - it seemed like the kind of place kids come to practice their tags.
This was about the best thing there:
These guys were painting. I don't think they really knew what they were doing. They didn't roll, they just threw straight up over the shit that was already there. I stopped and chatted to them, asking if they knew of better places to see really good stuff. They didn't know.
Thoroughly disappointed, I decided to push on. Next I'd try the Priesterweg Graffiti Hall of Fame. Priesterweg is kind of out in the sticks and it was a bit of a mission to find it.
It's somekind of old tram station in a park. And it wasn't really a Graffiti Hall of Fame - it was more like a Graffiti Graveyard. There was some new stuff there but it sort of looks like a place kids go to bomb and smoke cones. There was heaps better tracksides on the way to the spot. So I went home...

I had heard of a tattoo shop, Tattoo Kreuzstich, close to where I'm staying. An artist named Adriaan works there. He's Mexican and specialises in tattoo art with a distinct Mexican day-of-the-dead type feel. It was on my way home, so I just popped in on the off chance he was available. He was. Suddenly the flu symptoms seem minor and the adrenalin starts pumping. I described what I wanted, and Adriaan drew me a sketch on the spot.
It too about 2 hours to complete. And it's beautiful. But it's wrapped in gladwrap right now so you'll have to wait until tomorrow see it!

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