Friday, August 21, 2009

Prague to Berlin

Still waking up far too early. Got to see the sunrise over Prague one last time...
Decided to catch an earlier train to Berlin. Struggled with my bags on trams and trains. Mental note to self: only take half as much as you think you need. At least a First Class seat for the train ride to Berlin makes up for it. Chatted to a Yank on the train platform. Boarded, but got on the wrong carriage. Fought my way through cattle class, back to First Class. First Class is the shit.

Had a little nap time, then started looking for graf out the window. Tracksides have been non-stop since crossing the German border. There are so many I can't keep up taking photos.
As we get closer to Berlin, the quality of graf will get better I assume... seems to be so far. The train ticket officer had a moustache, but she is a lady.

Arrived in Berlin at about 3.30pm. It's was a scorcher here today - 30 in the shade. Naked Germans in parks everywhere. Found my way to my hotel - had to walk a million miles to get to it from the nearest station though. No wonder everyone rides pushies. WiFi in my room FTW! Even though this room isn't as nice as the one in Prague, it's still pretty rad. And actually quite close to good stuff like Overkill and Watergate. Planned out tomorrow's sneaker hunting expedition on a map. Can't wait.

Flynn suggested I check out Bar 25. It didn't seem far away, so I walked there - but the line when for miles. So I walked along the Berlin Wall past the O2 Arena and up to Watergate (below).
Watergate was closed, but there were heaps of cool bars nearby. I think I'll hit Watergate tomorrow night. Such a sweet set up.

I had a beer (yes, another beer) and wandered around. Beers cost 1 euro. 1 euro - that's less than $2! Found Overkill - it's such a rad shop. Can't wait to head back tomorrow! Defs need to hire a bike - this place is so spread out.

Now I'm kicking back, drinking a sweet apple cider...

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