Thursday, August 20, 2009

Praha: Day 4

Why am I waking up so damn early? Can't seem to sleep any later than 7am. Interwebs and breakfast. Heading to the Hirst exhibition at the Rudolfinum. Walked along the river where the view of Prague Castle is uninterrupted. Is BNE fucking everywhere? Maybe there are a group of people who all stick up the BNE stickers. Wandered around the Jewish area of Old Town before the Hirst exhibition open. Hirst is a genius. Giant ash trays, pill popping and the exposed genitals of Adam and Eve. Makes me more determined to be an art bum.
People will buy almost anything so long as other people believe it's art. Hirst's flies in resin for example (see below). And how the fuck did he catch enough flies to cover a 1 x 1.5m canvas an inch thick in them? There must be a million flies in that thing.
Heading towards the skatepark at the top of the hill where the Stalin monument was meant to be. Instead of Stalin, they put a giant red windscreen wiper up there. Jokes. It's actually a giant metronome painted red to symbolise the end of communism. Quite poetic, shame the park it's in is so run down. Walked up a zillion stairs to get to the top of the hill. It was worth it - the view is magnificent and there are sexy shirtless skaters everywhere.
Most clandestine skate park ever - it's really just a marble square that the Stalin monument was meant to reside. But since the Stalin statue got the ass, the park has been forgotten. Lots of bad graf and tags. Masto left his mark, pink as always.
And the view from the top was sensational...
Lost on trams for a bit, but got it sorted. Just saw the hottest Eastern European man on the tram. Poster boy for Hitler Youth eat your heart out - this guy has the most chiseled features I've ever seen. That's the thing about Prague - so many sexy people. Shame about their weird sense of fashion. Heading home now. Nap time, then got to get ready to go to Nick and Renata's for dinner. Nick and Renata give great directions - finding their place was a cinch. Nick made dinner. Plums wrapped in bacon for entree, chicken, mash and vegetables for main and rock melon and cheese platter for dessert. Om nom nom. Drank plum beer, wine and chatted. Drank some homemade fermented cherry liqueur. It was very strong!

Walked to a nearby bar which was part of a beautiful old cinema. On the way, got invited in to check out the H.R. Geiger bar (which was closed). Drank more beer and got a bit silly. Left that bar to find another bar. Met some hippies on the way who invited us to a private bar just down the road. Went and checked it out. More beer. French people are rude. Then it was time to say goodbye. Had such fun with Renata and Nick over the past few days. Thanks for being such amazing hosts! Grabbed a cab back to the Czech Inn. One last night here...

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