Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Praha: Day 3

Nursing a nasty hang over. Does beer always make you feel so shite the next day? I creased my FNM poster. Must post it straight home to Mum so I don't damage it any further. Gonna meet Nick and Renata to visit the mirror maze today! Found a Post Office, posted the poster. Postage here is so cheap! Peach Pit WTF? Hello 1990s!
Met Nick, watched a Jewish Dance Troupe from Israel dancing in the park. Their costumes are so crazy! They look so happy.
Ate dirty bird. It tastes slightly different here. Caught a tram across the river. Had a Long Island Ice Tea while we waited for Renata. Caught the funicular to the top of the park. Played in the rose garden, it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Nick and Renata make a cute couple.
Drank a baby beer. Nick paid 10kr to pee - but it was 15kr to poop. Visited the mirror maze. It was built in 1891, it was very beautiful and very trippy.
Visited Reon's Magical Grotto. His artwork is really kooky - naked chicks and unicorns.
Drank another beer as the sun set over Prague.
Caught the funicular back down the mountain, but Nick and Renata got busted by the fuzz for not having the right tickets. 1400kr later, we could leave. Not cool. Dinner at Bar Bar. Lots of yummy rich foods and Stum (unprocessed wine - sort of like cloud grape juice, but it's alcoholic). Wandered towards the Charles Bridge, past the big bronze babies and the penguins by the river. The Charles Bridge is a real tourist attraction - so many people. Feeling very tired, time to make my way home.

Dinner at Renata and Nick's tomorrow night! YUM!

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