Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Moving bites. Or more to the point, packing bites. I have removalists coming next Tuesday. And I've packed 3 boxes. Procrastinate much (obviously - I'm writing this)?

But I have filled an entire Sulo bin with crap I've accumulated over the 3 and half years I have lived here. And I've only managed to go through the dining and lounge rooms so far. God help me when I get to the attic.

I guess if nothing else, I'm getting rid of a bunch of crap I don't need. It's surprising just how much stuff I've kept. So much paperwork - I'd really like it if all of my accounts/bills etc could be sent to me electronically to save all those trees.

I need to get bubble wrap before I can pack the remaining stuff in the lounge and dining rooms. Then I have to pack my room, which is going to be a nightmare. Note to self: next place I live in requires a walk-in robe because in my current house, I've always struggled with the amount of space I have for my clothes. And shoes.
For a small closet, Carrie Bradshaw had a pretty big walk-in wardrobe. I'm sure her set up would suit me just fine, but maybe I'd need more space for shoes. In fact, as I recall, Carrie keeps all her shoes in there boxes on the show. Not a bad idea because it keeps them in good nick. But I wonder if Carrie would have had a system for organising her shoes? Polaroids on the boxes or something.

When I find a new place, I'll defs try to be more organised :)

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