Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I just died and went to heaven

I just found another brilliant sneaker shop in Spain. Called Limited Editions, they have two stores located in Barcelona (lucky me!). They have a huge range online, so I can only hope they really have all the styles in store.

Funnily enough, I'm seriously on an orange mission at the mo. I've been hunting the perfect orange kicks for sometime, and today I came across three pairs in this one store (fingers crossed they have all three - forgive me credit card).

Generally I'm not a fan of Air Max Lights, but when I spied this genius grey/black/orange colourway, I was hooked. If I can get them, I have to have them - by fair the best Lights colourway I've ever seen.
Then, they had these Windrunners. Again, Windrunners style isn't really my cup of tea - or at least, I hadn't seen a pair I really fancied. Until today. These are dope!Then to round off my trio of orange sneaks are the Kevin Lyons currents. I have wanted these so ong I'd begun to give up on the idea of ever finding them in my size. That was until I found these on Limited Editions. And if I can finally get my hands on a pair of these in the right size, I could quite possibly give birth to a kitten (quite a spectacle in reality). I have never found a pair in the right size (I need a mens US 7-7.5) and the smallest I've come across is a 9. In the words of the Smiths - Please, please, please let me get what I want this time. Sneaker gods be kind.

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