Thursday, August 27, 2009

Berlin: Tresor

Tresor changed the lineup. No Joey Beltram tonight. Having a quick kip before I go. Woke up late. It's 1.30am. Better get my ass to the club. Lucky it's only 100m door-to-door. Got in easy as. Looks promising. Very dark and industrial. Walk down a very dark, smokey corridor. At the end is a room. This doesn't sound like minimal tech. This sounds like tech house (thank god). Room is packed. Crowd is pretty lowbrow. They serve Strongbow at the bar. Either there is a God, or they just have heaps of English peeps come to the club. The interior has a lot of similar features to Berghain. This can't be all there is to Tresor? Wonder if there is some kind of club scene feud? Tresor opened first, so Berghain might have borrowed the best ideas. This place is stinking hot. Clearly no fans. And you can smoke everywhere, no just in designated areas. It's kind of Berghains ugly, older step-sister. She used to be attractive and interesting, but since her younger step-sister came along, everyone forgot about Tresor. And guys ogle here. Everytime I look up, there's a pair of foreign eyes undressing me. Ew. I spy a guy wearing grey and blue Twilights. Things suddenly started to look up. Go outside to the beer garden. Chatted to some underage Berlin kids. They don't believe I'm 30. One of them can't stop hurling. Drug dealers are so blatent. But one dealer is wearing Structures, so I fogive him. A nice guy named Michael from Copenhagen shows me the way to the main room. I can't believe I thought that was it. We go down into the underground, underneath the massive factory. There's a huge cavernous space packed with people. How did I not know this was here? Hello Glebe silos - because that's exactly what this room looks like. Techno is way harder in here. Danced to a track Crookers play. The DJ plays behind bars. Danced for a while, but I know I need to save my energy for Rusko.
Phantom. As if I ever say goodbye anyway. Walking home. Wishing for a kebab. The cool air feels nice on my burning arm. And I'm home.

I don't want to leave Berlin.

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