Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Berlin: She died with Mo's falafel in her hand...

Found this wall near Gleisdreieck at a DHL depot. Hot shit!

Today I met up with Christine and her French Couchsurfer (my bad I forgot her name). We rode bikes through the summer heat to Mo's for falafels. There's truth behind Mo's claim to be the King of the Falafel - they are bloody good. I think the fried haloumi you get on them makes all the difference really. So yum.
Then we sat by the canal to chow down. Om nom nom. There were a lot of swans. Swans aren't very elegant creatures - they make hideous noises, comparitive to Christine's burps. Then we went to the Turkish Markets. These are held every Tuesday and Thursday. I can imagine that if I lived in Kreuzberg, I wouldn't buy my groceries anywhere else. The fresh fruit and vege are ridiculously cheap. I'm taking less than 1 EUR for a punnet of fresh raspberries. I'm never seen raspberries so cheap. Not to mention all the other fruit and veg. You could shop here for everything you need - fruit, vege, meat, cheese, pasta (perhaps the best buy I saw was the fresh beetroot gnocchi for 1.50 EUR per 100g - CHEAP!), eggs... you name it.
Then we rode over to the East Side Gallery, which is actually a strip of the old Berlin Wall which has been painted with murals.
On the east side of the wall are a few bars - some of them known as beach bars. So we stopped off at one to sit by the Spree and have a bevvy, baclava and ice cream. It was steaming hot. Wasps kept annoying me. I think the Paw Paw cream attracts them. Such a lovely day.

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