Monday, August 17, 2009

Praha: Day 1

My room is amazing. I love black walls and beds. What to charge first? Phone, lappy or camera? Wait dry hair first, camera next. Now I'm showered and fresh, I'm taking a walk. Found a massive park where people sunbake in their undies. Days this hot probably happen less rather than more. 2 boys are fighting with samuri swords in the park. I found a spot up high where I can see much of the city. It seems so peaceful. A strange combination of old and new buildings. Old meets new, but it's all new to me. Old buildings are painted so many colours. Pinks, blues and yellows.

Had a nap. Got up, met Comrade Nick and Comrade Renata for a drink and some Czech style nibbles. Loved the pickles and ham. So good to have locals to show you the way. Stumbled home tipsy. Slept like a log.

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