Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Praha: Day 2 - I want to be your very best excuse...

A full nights sleep will cure jet lag. Got up, got ready and had breakfast in the sun. Reception here is always busy, but they made time to give me some hot tickets on graf in Prague. Braved the trams and the Metro on my own. Found Velvet No. 2, scored 2 fat Molotows in Masto pink. Found Queens, and got more Molotows in Chi Chi Red and Ki Ki Purple.
Walked too far and got a mad blister. Damn you Freestyles - I'm sending you home in a box. Caught the tram to the Graffiti Hall of Fame. Not sure why it's famous. Throw ups and tags around the city are way more interesting. Took heaps of flicks, Gates of Graffiti would be proud. Wanted to sneak into the bombed tram tunnel but was too scared.
Waiting at Nam Miru for Comrades Nick and Renata. Less than 5 hours until my date with Mike Patton and Roddy Bottom. Tonight I'm representing my boys Well Dressed Vandals with my Just Dilla tee. People here wear a lot of bad sandals. It's so humid bandaids won't stick. Just saw a Dachshund. Wonder if Stan is sleeping on Sarah's bed right now?

People take their dogs everywhere here. So many dogs on the Metro.

If Prague was an Australian city, it would be Melbourne. Maybe it;s the trams? Or maybe it's because it's so relaxed and cosmopolitan here.

Sitting in the park at Nam Miru in the shade. People everywhere. 2 little girls are taking photos of each other posing in a tree. Maybe it's for their Myspace profile. There's also a couple reading a weird newspaper. It's full of naked people in dirty poses. The Prague version of MX. People everywhere are eating ice cream. A little girl has it dripping all down her arms and clothes. It's too hot. Why did I wear jeans?

Nick told me last night that people here have weird fashion sense like wearing camo shorts over camo pants. I wouldn't have believed it, until I just saw it with my own eyes! He also has bitch tits and a Mohawk. Kooky.
Met the comrades. Ate traditional Czech foodies. Om nom nom pork. Drank beer. Yes beer. More than one. Three actually. Caught a tram to Telsa stadium that was so packed it was worse than Tokyo. And it smelt like Czech food B.O. Ew.

Arrived at Tesla Stadium. Nick and Renata drank absinthe but the smell made me gag. Hid the camera. Got searched but made it through. Then the ticket wouldnt scan. Blagged in anyway. Got drunker. Got a SIGNED Faith No More poster. WIN! Probably should have found seats earlier cos now we're sitting on the stairs cos they over sold the seats. It's a FNM highway and we're sitting in the middle of it. Some band called Fireworm are playing first. It's weird folky ska. Some dude stepped on my sneaks. Hate to think the state they are in now. Sippin' a mojito. Hurry up Mikey. The step I'm on hurts my ass. Mikey you better be worth it. Weird gross sweaty shirtless Czech dude just stroked my hair. Urgh.

Can FNM please hurry up? This place is completely oversold and there's probably 10,000 peeps here. It's so packed the isles and crowded. Nick says he's spent the night so far with a fave full of cock or pussy. People are fighting over seats. This would never happen at home!

He sang Evidence in Portugese. Enough said. Wait now they're doing a Lady Ga Ga cover. Enough said. His voice is as as beautiful as ever. Midlife Crisis. You're menstruating hard yo! Epic epic EPIC! I hate you... Talking to myself. Mike is less than 30m away. Can he impregrate me from here? Happy birthday fucker... You put up one he'll of a fight... I'm the best fuck that you ever had!!! Gentle art of making enemies is such the best song so far!!! I so have to see them again in Australia. I have to watch I Am Legend again. His vocal effects are amazing. Smiling with mouth of the ocean, and i wave to you with the arms of a mountain. Give to yourself to me... Did I mention lyrical genius?

I wonder if Mike hates singing Be Aggresive? Singing a sing someone else sang first sucks balls. Maybe he just swallows (that's an in-joke FYI). Way better than The Prodigy. I drank another beer - what the fuck am I turning into? Just a Man apparently. Another in-joke. I dream about a clouded sky...
The peeps down the front are so lucky - Mike jumped down and got some girls to sing in Czech. I might have to brave the mosh pit at home... eek. I never brave the mosh. I did it for Axel. I'd do it for Mike.

It's great concert cos I don't care if I wrecked my kicks. Thank god for Sherlock's lens. Concerts in foreign countries are weird - not many people know English lyrics.

Wait - second encore? Holy shit balls batman. I wonder what inspires Patton? Those beautiful tones must come from somewhere...

And yes, Mookie, he is as sexy as ever.

PS: Mike blew a kiss at the end!

PPS: Nick said that lighting 3 duries with one match was, and I quote, "more than I've ever lit before". A personal record apparently. Then he said " you've got to take wonder in the smallest things".

PPPS: And make sure you look someone in the eye when you "na zdravi" (ie say cheers). Cos otherwise you'll be fucked. Or more correctly, you won't be. For seven years.

PPPPS: Nick says the Beastie Boy rock the yid. Funniest shit ever.

PPPPPS: This American dude told us Australia is like Texas - everything bites and stings. I think there's something in that for all of us, don't you?

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