Thursday, August 27, 2009

Berlin: Trip to Niketown 2.0

Can't help myself today - going back to Niketown. I have the overwhelming to purchase shoes. Sometimes it's like a hunger that just can't be satisfied without the right meal. Like a burrito after a big night - if you go home without getting that good shit down your gullet, you're gonna regret it. Got to Niketown and notice I'd missed the entire Women's streetwear section the first time round. To put it into context, Niketown Berlin is epic. It's this huge 2 story space section into rooms using bridges, staircases and giant voids in between. I thought Nike ID Tokyo was pretty cool, but Niketown Berlin shits all over it. Not to mention the way they get the shoes in your size for you. The shop assistant scans a code on the shoe with a wireless scanner thingy, punches in your size, and as if by magic, your shoes arrive via dumbwaiter (a tiny glass lift). It's like the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory of shoes. And I'm XXX Gluch.

Try on 6 pairs to start, including Nike Gladiators.
Yes, I've been vocal about my mixed feelings towards the hybrids. They're not sneakers, and they're not sandals. Trying them on I found them surprisingly comfortable, not to mention that they look super dope! It's a given that they're coming home with me. Which sort of solves 2 problems: the first being that I killed my Valentine's. They are so ghetto, they maybe past the point of no return. I'm sending them home to Mummy, and hopefully a little bit of TLC with a toothbrush will get them looking decent again. The second is that I need some shoes that aren't sneakers or thongs, because some places sneakers and thongs just don't cut it.

Anyway, tried on a bunch of stuff, everything from AM1s to J3s. But the pair I couldn't get over were these Zeniths. On the shelf they didn't look much - some kind of AM1/Pegasus hybrid looking thing. Something was drawing me in, so I tried them. Damn, I'm glad I did! They look so gangsta on. Modify the laces, pull the tongue up high and suddenly they look like a different shoe. Don't think these bad boys have been released at home. Regardless, they'll make nice companions for my Twilights.

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