Friday, August 14, 2009

I just got these in London and I haven't even left yet

I just copped both of these Twilight colourways from Size? in the UK, and I haven't even got there yet. Yer, yer, I know I've rabbiting on about how I wasn't gonna buy shoes anymore unless I saw them in the flesh first, but apparently they're running low on sizes so I got my buddy Flynn to sort me out.
I feel a little sad I didn't get the infrared colourway, but whatevs. I am in love with Twilights so hardcore that I'm more than happy to welcome these babies home.

Which lead me to review the latest stock on the Size? website. And now I think I also need these (plus the black STs I already knew I wanted but blah):
Nicest Pegasus colourway I've seen in donkeys. Better get these hooked up too before they all disappear...

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